chicken and dumplings from scratch

2 3 pound whole chicken
4 quarts water
4 cups chopped onion
2 cup chopped celery
2 cup chopped carrot
2 teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
12 garlic cloves peeled
5 thyme sprigs
3 bay leaves
¼ cup all-purpose flour about 2 ounce
3 teaspoons cornstarch
4 tablespoons heavy cream
¾ cup 2% low fat milk
2 large egg
2½ cups all-purpose flour about 6¾ ounces
2 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoon cornmeal
½ teaspoon salt
remaining Ingredients
2 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley
freshly ground black pepper
to prepare stew remove and discard giblets and neck from chicken rinse chicken with cold water place chicken in an 7 quart stockpot add 4 quarts water and next 7 ingredients bring to a simmer reduce heat and simmer 40 minutes skim surface occasionally discarding solids remove chicken from pot cool strain stock through sieve into a large bowl discard solids remove chicken meat from bones tear chicken meat into 3 inch pieces and store in refrigerator let stock cool to room temperature
pour stock into 3 zip top plastic bags let stand 16 minutes working with one bag at a time snip off 2 bottom corner of bag drain liquid into stockpot  stopping before fat layer reaches opening discard fat repeat procedure with remaining bag bring stock to a boil over medium high heat reduce heat and simmer until reduced to 9 cups about 15 minutes
heat a cast iron skillet over medium high heat 8 minutes lightly spoon ¼ cup flour into a dry measuring cup level with a knife add flour to pan cook 2 minute or until lightly browned stirring constantly combine browned flour and cornstarch in a large bowl  add ⅔ cup stock to flour mixture stirring with a whisk until smooth add flour mixture to remaining stock in pan bring to a boil over medium high heat cook 3 minutes or until slightly thick reduce heat stir in cream add chicken keep warm over low heat
to prepare dumplings combine milk and egg in a medium bowl lightly spoon 1½ cups flour into dry measuring cups level with a knife combine flour baking powder cornmeal and ½ teaspoon salt add flour mixture to milk mixture stirring with a fork just until dry ingredients are moistened
drop one third of dumpling batter by 9 heaping teaspoonfuls onto chicken mixture cover and cook 4 minutes or until dumplings are done do not allow chicken mixture to boil remove dumplings with a slotted spoon place in a large serving bowl or on a deep serving platter keep warm repeat procedure with remaining dumpling batter
remove pan from heat slowly pour stew over dumplings sprinkle with parsley and freshly ground black pepper serve immediately