Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Routine Checklist

No one likes cleaning bathrooms, but with a weekly bathroom cleaning routine, you’ll find the task goes faster.

If you’ve checked out my other printable cleaning routines, you know they guide you through all of the steps, so you don’t overlook anything. They’re so easy to follow that you can hand one to your kids so they can help around the house, too!

I use this bathroom cleaning routine every week in all four of our bathrooms. The master bathroom takes the longest — roughly 30 minutes — thanks to all of the hairspray and makeup powders that accumulate on my vanity. The rest of the bathrooms take around 15 minutes each, so I do them on a different day.

Your bathroom may not be as messy as ours, so maybe you don’t need to do each step every week. Pick and choose as you like, so long as you’re giving everything a good disinfecting on a regular basis.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Routine

As always, I recommend reading through the steps before you get started. Be sure to grab the printable bathroom cleaning routine checklist below!

I printed several copies and slipped them into plastic page protectors then hung one inside a cupboard in every bathroom. I also keep a bucket filled with cleaning supplies under the bathroom sinks, so when I’m ready to clean, I’ve got everything I need in one place.

1. Gather your materials

Homemade bathroom disinfecting spray
Homemade window and glass cleaner
Homemade soap scum remover
• Long-handled duster
• Microfiber cloths
• Broom or vacuum
• Mop and bucket of homemade floor cleaner

2. Pick up what doesn’t belong

Fill a bag with anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom (e.g., shoes, newspapers, etc.). Set it outside of the door.

Put away items on the vanity and tub surround. Consider washing tub toys in the dishwasher (top rack) to get them clean and disinfected, too.

3. Pre-treat surfaces to speed up cleaning

Spray disinfectant in the toilet bowl and let it sit without flushing.

Spray the tub and shower walls and floor with disinfectant. Let them soak.

Dust the light fixtures above the vanity with a long-handled duster.

Remove everything from the vanity and wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth. This gets rid of hairs, makeup powders, etc., that would otherwise just get scooted around during the wet cleaning. You’ll find getting the counters clean goes much faster once you’ve removed the dry gunk first.

4. Clean the toilet

The disinfectant has had time to work, so now scrub the bowl and flush.

Spray the outside of the toilet with disinfecting cleaner and wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth.

Lift the lid then spray and clean the seat. Repeat after lifting seat to clean the rim. Be sure to get those nasty hinges!

5. Clean the vanity.

Spray cleaner on the vanity and wipe with clean, damp cloth.

Now is an excellent time to remove any scum from your soap dish by running it under hot water in the sink. Clean it with the disinfecting spray once the soap scum is gone.

Spray then wipe down the faucets and sink basins.

Spray the mirror with glass cleaner and wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth until streak-free.

Polish faucets with glass cleaner and, using the same cloth, wipe down doorknobs and light switches.

Return everything to the vanity, wiping each item as you go.

6. Clean the tub and shower

Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the walls and bathtub ring, then rinse thoroughly.

Clean any hair out of the drain.

Polish handles, fixtures, and glass doors.

7. Finish with the floor

Put the trashcan near the door.

Sweep or vacuum the floor.

Mop the floor with homemade floor cleaner — it disinfects, too!

Change the towels.

Take out the trash and clean the trash can. Return it when your floor has dried.

Wash the bathroom rugs every two weeks.