You probably already have all of the ingredients needed to make your homemade floor cleaner — one which gets your floors just as shiny clean as the commercial stuff without introducing irritants to your home.

Homemade Floor Cleaner

Indoor Air Quality Matters

Commercial cleaning products contribute significantly to indoor air pollution. For people with allergies or asthma, indoor air quality is critical to good health.

Now, add in pets or young children (or even teens like mine) who spend a lot of time on the floor. Do you really want their paws or pacifiers having that much contact with harsh solvents?

So Does Your Budget

If that’s not enough to convince you, it also costs just pennies to make enough to homemade floor cleaner to last for months. That’s right: pennies.

Why shell out $3 or more for a commercial cleaner that’s bad for you and your family when you can whip up your own with ingredients you already have?

Works on ALL Hard Floors

You only need this one homemade floor cleaner to clean every hard flooring surface in your home.

✓ It works on laminate.
✓ It works on hardwood.
✓ It works on vinyl, linoleum, and tile.
✓ Yep, you can use it on marble or granite.
✓ It even works on cement!

Have I mentioned that, after powering through grime, it also leaves a gorgeous shine?

Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe - A person and a mop standing on a shiny clean floor

Works With Mopping Robots

I’ve written before about the Cleaning Robots that Work for Me. To this day, I adore my mopping robot not only because it makes my life easier, but because I can use this homemade floor cleaner with it. What’s not to love about shiny, clean floors without lifting a finger?

Why It Works

Please note that there are good reasons for using the specific ingredients below. If you change the recipe, you’re changing the formula, and that may alter your results. Here’s why this Homemade Floor Cleaner uses what it does.

Water: Loosens grime and acts as a suspension for the other ingredients.

White vinegar: Degreases and provides mild disinfection. At this dilution, it’s safe for natural stone surfaces, because it’s not acidic enough to cause etching. I’ve been using this on marble and granite for years without a problem. If you have any concerns, don’t use it.

Rubbing alcoholSpeeds up evaporation to avoid streaks. Degreases and helps disinfect.

Liquid dish soap: Dissolves bonds between dirt and floor. Degreases. Cleans. Don’t use a dish soap that contains moisturizers, antibacterial ingredients, or “oxygen bleach.” I use Dawn Original (Classic). (Fairy is the UK substitute.) Please don’t swap Castille soap for the dish soap. Castille is an oil-based soap and will leave streaks and smears.

Essential oils: Offsets the smell of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. If you have pets or children, verify the safety of any essential oil you use. Be sure they aren’t compounds (i.e., those with fragrance added to grapeseed or some other form of oil). I buy these from Amazon.

Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe


  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol (surgical spirits in the UK)
  • 3 drops liquid dish soap (See Important Notes below)
  • 5-10 drops essential oils (optional)

Combine in a bucket or spray bottle. Store unused mixture away from heat.